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Generating Software from Specifications WS 2013/14 - News


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Lecture assessment ...

The results of the lecture assessment are available for the lecture and for the tutorials.


Schedule ...

The following topics are planned for the upcoming weeks:

7Name bindingNames & Prop.Proposal
8Struct. TextPTGSynt. ana.
9Integrated ApproachName, PTGName ana., prop.
10Module Lib.Change target lang.Target. code
11Vis. LanguagesCompletion
12Projects Presentation
13Projects Presentation


No lecture, no tutorial on Nov 20

There will be no lecture and no tutorial on Nov 21. The project proposals (Exercise #5/15) are due by Nov 25.


Lectures begin on Thu Oct 17 at 11:15 in F2.211

The tutorials are scheduled immediately after each lecture.

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