A JavaCard based Web Server with Dynamic Content Handling

Diplomarbeit, Björn Zeiger, 2006

In a predecessor project a Java Card web server running on a smart card has been developed. In its current version, it is able to respond to simple standard HTTP requests. The next step is to enable the web server to communicate with other applications residing on the same smart card, in order to display data from these applications to the user, using a standard web browser. There are many possible fields of application - consider the electronic health card or a (U)SIM card used in a mobile phone.

The potential problem with this idea may be that a person who develops an HTML page for such an application might not be used to Java Card programming. On the other hand, a Java Card developer might not be able to design an appropriate web page.

The goal of this diploma thesis is to close this gap by providing a domain-specific language for the inclusion of dynamic applet information into web pages. Specifications written in this language will both be used to construct the web page to be returned by the server and the interface to communicate with the card applets that provide dynamic information.

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